Portrait Photography – The pricing structure for portraits varies depending on the quality of the print. Please call for specific details.
Sitting Fee: $90
Sample Print Prices (basic level prints):
5×7 $17
8×10 $30
11×14 $76
Wallets (set of 12) $28
Custom Products:
Announcements & Cards starting at $80 for a set of 25
Coffee Table Book starts at $200
Composites start at $55 for an 8×10
Storybook Panel (framed 5×30 with up to 6 images) $202

Commercial Photography – Business photography pricing can vary by the amount of time needed to photograph the subject. Digital images for web and marketing are priced at an hourly rate. Call for more information.
Business Portrait: $125 for one digital image in both color and black and white to be used for marketing purposes only.

Contract Marketing – As with most contract work, prices are based on the number of hours contracted for the month. Hourly contract rate starts at $35/hour and bills in 15 minute increments.  For a specific bid for your business needs, call or email.